2021 Taniguchi Goshiki Update

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2021 Taniguchi Goshiki Update

Postby JDWood » December 26th, 2021, 12:07 pm

Well, another year for the Taniguchi Goshiki - Purchased in 2019 at 14 inches. October 2019 16.5 inches. October 2020 - 19 inches, September 2021-22.6 inches. Finally got an auto feeder and her growth has picked up. She took the Sakura award at the ZNA St. Louis Show this year. Beni continues to be stunning. Slight sumi starting to emerge the the edges of some of the scales in the Beni plates. The first three pictures are the advertised photo, fall of 2019, and fall of 2020. The last is from this year.
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