2-3 Year Old Koi

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2-3 Year Old Koi

Postby Russell Peters » December 17th, 2016, 7:13 am

2 - 3 Year Old Koi

2-3 Years old, big and expensive

In essence, Koi with hard intense Beni becomes beautiful early on and stays that way for a short time. Koi with long lasting beauty has soft and elastic Beni, and its beauty will stay intact for ten to fifteen years. A good Koi, according to professionals, is the one that will keep its quality and beauty for a long time. Kois that compete in the 75cm group must have Beni with elasticity.

When selecting a two to three year old Koi, it is okay if the Hiban does not possess an intense red Beni, but the fish must exhibit luster and well-mixed consistency of Beni, almost like a wet painted surface. For a Koi to become a champion in a large group competition it is crucial that as the body grows, a larger Fukurin is present and it produces a high degree of luster.

The beauty of a Nishiki Koi has to be expressed through its body shape and the quality of color and Beni. As the body increases in size, body shape becomes more important. The beauty of the bodyline can express strength and gracefulness. A Koi with considerable body size and large pattern of Hiban, develops a powerful beauty in its presence. In the event a Koi has small less Hiban with scattered patterns, the beauty of the white skin and the brightness of Beni color becomes an important aesthetic expression.

Common elements of all the superior Koi are: 1) Fukurin covers both white skin and Hiban, 2) the body shape is solid, and 3) the Beni quality is thick. As the hobbyist develops the ability to assess the future potential of a Koi, the selection process becomes so much more enjoyable.

If you own a high quality Koi and keep it in a nourishing environment during the summer months, it will not be impossible to challenge the grand-champions of a Koi show. When you decide to purchase a big Koi, the most important task is to see through the nature of Beni quality. This way, your expectations will never be compromised nor will you be disappointed.

This is Mr. Sakai's appraisal of what you want to look for in Koi that will become big and keep their quality. These Koi tend to be more expensive.
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