Corona Virus scare

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Re: Corona Virus scare

Postby JDWood » April 24th, 2020, 11:48 am

rayray2030 wrote:It’s looking like Hydroxychloroquine isn’t the game-changer it was being touted to be a few weeks ago. Go figure. Maybe bleach and sunlight will provide greater efficacy against this invisible scourge?

What information have you seen? I have yet to see any data to indicate that HCL is not effective.

To the extent you are referring to the so-called "study" entitled "Outcomes of hydroxychloroquine usage in United States veterans hospitalized with Covid-19", which I have seen widely published with some rather interesting headlines and commentary, I urge you to read the document. I have provided a link below.

The "study" fails to identify how much of any drug was given, or the patient's condition at time of "treatment". (See, e.g., p.7). All it says was that the treatment was "pre-ventilation". This makes it substantially worthless. Additionally, each "patient" was hand selected hand-selected (p. 10). The lack of any randomization in selection allows one to pick and choose who to include.

To the extent the "study" is worth anything, it shows that HCL may not change the outcome for older obese black men with hypertension plus 1-2 other co-morbidities.

A few notes:
The "nationwide retrospective study" (p. 12) was for 368 patients, all males(p. 10), with median age "over 65 years" (p. 13), in fact it was between 68-70 (table 2), majority black (p. 14, table 2), who were obese (table 2), suffering from hypertension (table 2).

Pages 20-21 (Table 2) list the number of individuals in the "study" with a history of heart failure (75), vascular disease (111), chronic pulmonary disease (72), diabetes (249), and others. ... 1.full.pdf

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