AJKS 2014

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Feb 012014

I arrived in Tokyo last night and set out to find Starbucks. I hit the jack pot one train station away from the hotel in Oimachi. Life is good.photo

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Oct 302013

SSC_0136_131Koi SSC_0137_132Koi SSC_0138_133Koi SSC_0139_134Koi SSC_0140_135Koi SSC_0141_136KoiSSC_0135_130Koi


I am happy to say that this one did not get away. This very high quality Pink Beni  Sanke was purchased by one of our new over seas customers. It will be staying at INC for a few years to grow out under the care of Toshio and Toshi Sakai. I am very happy for this as I will be able to post updates each year.

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Sep 242013

I took the first picture of her on 8/25/13 and 4 weeks two days after putting her on an automatic feeder she has bulked up very nicely.




These are her updated pictures taken an hour ago.


SSC_0018_18Koi SSC_0019_19Koi SSC_0021_21Koi SSC_0022_22Koi SSC_0023_23Koi SSC_0024_24Koi SSC_0027_27Koi


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